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Patios and Pavers
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Patios and Pavers for Outdoor Living Spaces and Walkways

Patios provided a defined space for outdoor entertainment and pavers make an excellent choice to lead you down a path to your outdoor retreat. There are numerous options for your consideration that will compliment your home’s style. Gilbert’s Tree and Landscaping is there to assist you with designing the backyard of your dreams and figuring out all the details for proper installation.

Prior to excavation, well outline where you want your path to be. A 6 to 8 inch trench will be dug out so your pathway will be level with your existing yard. When installing pavers for a patio or walkway a solid bed of sand and gravel ensures a flat grade on your pathway so it will stay flat and smooth. Flagstone, brick and other stones that vary by region are available at local landscape yards. Unlike concrete, brick and natural stone pavers won’t crack under everyday pressure. Special tools are used to compact the materials and masonry tools are used to chisel and fit natural stones together while blades and grinders are used to cut brick and pavers. Paver edging provides a finished look to your new patio and pathway!

Carefree maintenance may include nothing more than a quick sweep or rinse with a garden hose. If you want to keep your pavers looking new a sealer can be applied every year and a polish every other year will ensure a long lasting finish.

Patios and Pavers

Reasons for Patios and Pavers:

tree leafCreate an outdoor living space to entertain your friends and family!

tree leafDesign a safe pathway or walkway through your lansdscape.

tree leafBuild a long lasting driveway that resists cracks and outlasts concrete.

tree leafLow-maintenance, high durability and environmentally friendly pavers are versitile for many landscape projects.>

tree leafMajor storm damage

Whatever your reasons, pavers are the number one choice for creating outdoor patios, pathways and walkways. Ask Gilbert's Tree Service and Landscaping for Landscaping Design Ideas and our Landcsaping Contractor will provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Patios and Pavers


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